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NJ Public Adjusters for Homes with Total Loss

Imagine that you have just experienced a fire in your home causing extensive damage to the structure and your personal property. You have a homeowners policy that adequately covers your losses and you have notified your insurance agent that you wish to make a claim for damages. The agent, representing a large national property insurer, …

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NJ Public Adjusters for Coastal Flood Damage

The TV commercials make it look so easy: You experience a disaster and, like magic, your insurance company swoops in and solves all your problems. Unfortunately, say consumer advocates, it rarely works that way in real life. Instead, if a disaster such as a fire, hurricane, earthquake or hailstorm damages your home, it’s important to …

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Maybe it’s time for a truce—for insurers and public adjusters to consider ways to normalize relations between what have traditionally been warring parties. I took quite a bit of heat from a number of public adjusters about my September 2012 column, which ignored their role in resolving claims disputes between insurers and policyholders. One caller …

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