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fire insurance claims

The damage of recent hurricanes Harvey and Irma have left many re-evaluating their current insurance policies. However, in addition to your flooding and natural disaster claims, be sure you’re also looking into your fire insurance claims. Sometimes, fires can cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage. But do you know how to file …

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NJ Public Adjusters for Homes with Total Loss

Imagine that you have just experienced a fire in your home causing extensive damage to the structure and your personal property. You have a homeowners policy that adequately covers your losses and you have notified your insurance agent that you wish to make a claim for damages. The agent, representing a large national property insurer, …

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NJ Public Adjusters for Coastal Flood Damage

The TV commercials make it look so easy: You experience a disaster and, like magic, your insurance company swoops in and solves all your problems. Unfortunately, say consumer advocates, it rarely works that way in real life. Instead, if a disaster such as a fire, hurricane, earthquake or hailstorm damages your home, it’s important to …

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Maybe it’s time for a truce—for insurers and public adjusters to consider ways to normalize relations between what have traditionally been warring parties. I took quite a bit of heat from a number of public adjusters about my September 2012 column, which ignored their role in resolving claims disputes between insurers and policyholders. One caller …

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