Case Histories

Here are three case histories that provide a brief glimpse of the firm’s versatility and breadth of experience.

Shopping Center

A fire partially destroyed a shopping center but created a mass of confusion between numerous insurance policies, the rights of the tenants and landlord coverage.

“Andrew K. Knox and Company took a complicated and sensitive situation and resolved the issues quickly to the satisfaction of our tenants and ourselves. Our final settlement was more than we had ever anticipated.

John DeGeorge,
President DeGeorge Development and Management

Entertainment Complex

A fire totally destroyed a multimillion dollar amusement complex, which made it difficult to document the extent of the loss. Andrew K. Knox and Company recreated the entire complex on paper based on pictures, blueprints and plot plans.

“Their thorough claim preparation documented all of our losses and resulted in a settlement that was fair, fast and far more than we could have gotten on our own.”

Vincent Storino,
Jenkinson’s Pavilion

Global Disasters

Company president Leslie Knox spent nine months in Kuwait, after the Desert Storm war ended. He was director of loss adjustment for the government of Kuwait, determining the amount of damage to infrastructure, roads, hospitals and schools.

“The oil fires were still burning. The sky was completely black. The surface of the desert was black from the oil. We’d go out with Kuwait armed patrols to talk with people about losses to their homes, livestock and farmland. We tabulated a loss of 250,000 automobiles alone. Iraqis would stop Kuwaitis in the street, and steal the cars.”

Leslie L. Knox,
President Andrew K. Knox and Company