What Now

What to do if disaster has struck

The first step is to arrange a conversation between one of our certified public insurance adjusters and your primary decision maker for the damaged property. During this in-depth conversation, Andrew K. Knox & Company will:

    • Help you make sense of what is surely a chaotic situation. Few people have ever dealt with catastrophic losses.
    • Review with you the extent of the loss, existing policies in place, and the insurance companies involved.
    • Based on extensive experience in loss consulting, Andrew K. Knox and Company can offer short- and long-term recommendations, including whether or not we can help you.

Residential Disaster Recovery

It’s easy to get overwhelmed, but this checklist can help.

If you decide to hire us a certified public insurance adjuster will be at your site immediately to assess the damage and begin the process of recovery.

    • We assign specialized executives in all areas of reconstruction, including finance, disaster management, construction, and insurance claims. Each of these tasks is coordinated through a certified Professional Public Adjuster.
    • All activities undertaken on your behalf, including negotiations with insurance companies are fully documented so you are always well informed.

Commercial Disaster Recovery

Beyond recovering losses, commercial clients need to resolve insurance matters quickly in order to minimize the impact on the day-to-day running of the business. A Public Insurance Adjuster can play a powerful role in facilitating that process, and Andrew K. Knox and Company has a proven record of helping our clients get the settlements they deserve.

    • Contact us immediately after your loss so we can discuss all aspects of your claim. It is vital that we meet to review your current insurance policy to maximize reimbursement.
    • Upon reviewing your claim, we will guide you through the necessary precautions and assign specialized executives in all areas of reconstruction. This includes finance, disaster management, construction, and insurance claims.