Northrup Testimonial

August 9, 2013

To whom it may concern:


We would like to start off by explaining that we were introduced to Andrew K. Knox & Co, & Chris Aldrich due to a house fire we had in March of 2013.


Chris and the company he is employed with, we learned were a local entity and their roots to the local community are deep and committed. After learning what they do, we hired them to take care of all the needs and logistics after such a devastating event and us personally not knowing the how’s what’s to do in such instances.


Chris was extremely knowledgeable, dedicated and caring about his charges. We are so grateful to them as they fought on our behalf against the insurance co. to guarantee us that we received all that we were entitled to under our policy.


In conclusion Andrew K. Knox & Co and Chris Aldrich have our highest recommendation, in the most unpleasant of circumstance they have done their utmost to ensure that our needs and rights were upheld to the highest of standards, they are true professionals in every sense.



Sheila Northrup & Lawrence Northrup