Ippolito Testimonail

Andrew K. Knox & Company,


Last August, one of the most devastating things that could happen to a family happened to us. It’s funny how we used to see the remnants of a house fire or hear about one in the news and think, “oh, how terrible that must be”. Then we would go about our day, forgetting that we even heard about a fire. It wasn’t until we were woken up b the smell of burning wires when we truly understood the pain caused by a fire. When something this traumatic happens, your mid goes into a haze of confusion and disbelief. So many things pass through your mind: where will I live? What about my belongings? My photos: My clothes? Will I ever be home again? Even before the fire was put out, we knew that we were going to need help.


When we call Brian Gabriel, we honestly just thought that he would be helping us with filing claims. We had no idea how much more he was to us. When we braced ourselves for the long task of cleaning our burned and water damaged home, Brian told us we didn’t have to. When we thought all our sentimental objects would be lost forever, he referred us to a company that retrieved, cleaned, and store our salvageable possessions. When we thought that we would have to buy all new clothing, Brian brought n a company that not only salvaged much of our wardrobes, but he also made sure that a few outfits were cleaned very quickly so that we had clothes to wear. We had no idea that we were entitled to any of this.


But helping us with the immediate damage was only the beginning. Brian assisted us in finding appropriate contractors to rebuild our home, and he assisted us in finding a place to stay while our home was being rebuilt. During the rebuilding time, Brian was involved with the speed and efficiency of the contractors. Under his guidance, the rebuilding that many thought would take a year only took seven months. While our living arrangements were far from uncomfortable, there was no better feeling than getting back home. We thank Brian Gabriel, from the bottom of our hearts for getting us back home.


Even now, after we have returned to our home, Brian is still helping us. There are so many loose ends that dangle about in this kind of situation. Brian has helped us claim the values of our personal items, and he fought for us to make sure we got all that we were entitled to. He was able to warn us about what obstacles to expect, and he helped us overcome those obstacles. Brian is still always there to help us by answering our questions, and he even reminds us of things we are too busy to remember.


In such a tragic time in our lives, we have been truly blessed to have a person like Brian helping us every step of the way. We hope no one has to endure the pain of a fire but we know always that there is someone we can turn people to. We will always be thankful for the wonderful work Brian did for us. We will always remember Brian Gabriel and Andrew K. Knox & Company should we, or anyone we know, needs an insurance adjuster.


Thank you,
Myles, Sandy, and Angela Kramer & Maria Ippolito